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Affirmative Action (M/W/DBE participation)

Our affirmative action strategy thrives on the foundation that we are recognized to be l00% MBE certified as a Minority Owned Business and qualified to undertake your project with a conscious approach that will not sacrifice the quality of the client's final product, safety, schedule, or value. I urge you to read the following statements as written from a company that has learned over 30 years of experience what is right to do, as well as what is wrong to do, in our construction industry. 

Our company has shown over countless projects throughout the city of Philadelphia and its surrounding areas that we are committed and willing to explore and create new solutions to the complicated issues of participation that face our industry and city. We respectfully request that, should our proposal be competitive, you understand that our company provides a non-monetary value that surpasses our competition, in creating a commitment for not only minority hiring opportunities but for businesses as well. It has been L. Cruz Development, LLC’s experience that far too many projects have struggled or failed due to lack of communication, and the lack of an environment to exchange ideas to find the path that truly works. A healthy relationship with the client(s) is of utmost importance to us because most jobs will require extensive communication between both parties. Therefore, we insure that we will commit to early involvement with you, the client and other relevant entities during a project. Our goal is to establish a process that strives to meet the project objectives you had when hiring us as your selection.


We offer extensive experience, well trained and minority-embracing workforce, to represent the hard working blue collar values of the community and extensive record of successful projects big and small. These facets are driving principles that support our work ethic and should bring our potential clients confidence in choosing us for the job.

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