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Safety Plan

At L. Cruz Development we pride ourselves on maintaining a safe working environment at ALL times. Our vision is to create a working environment that places the highest value on the well being of our employees, and the community surrounding our projects. We train to make safety an instinct not a choice. We provide our field personnel with training of all equipment used and of the means and methods that will provide a safe environment for any type of project. Establishing a culture that all employees are responsible for the safety of the surrounding area, and each other is vital. To empower each and every one of our employees and to assign them an active role in sustaining and improving our program all of our employees are afforded a 10 hour OSHA training course.     


In our continuing efforts to improve communication and information exchange among national safety professionals, our Safety Department is heavily involved with the following groups:

  • The Sassman Group (Safety Consultant).

  • OSHA certified trainers

  • G.B.C.A. (General Building Contractors Association)

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