For bidding, L. Cruz Development, LLC prepares a list of subcontractors with whom we have worked and who we consider to be qualified to meet the requirements of the project. This list is typically reviewed and approved by the owner who may add additional subcontractors with whom the owner may have had good experiences. Using information obtained from the in-house estimates and scope preparation we solicit bids directly from subcontractors to perform the work. It is our goal to obtain prices directly from the subcontractor who performs the work and not from subcontractors who generally further subcontract out the work.  We find this approach generally decreases cost and improves control. Once all bids are received we perform a leveling process whereby all bids are compared by adding and deducting values of inappropriate scope.

We will generally invite the low two or three subcontractors to me with us for an interview to conduct a formal de-scope of the work whereby we verify our understanding of the bids and reconfirm their pricing. Based upon the outcome of this, each short listed subcontractor will submit their best and final offer following the interview.