L. Cruz Development, LLC is a General Construction company and we manage multiple projects and are recognized for our Safety and Quality Standards. Our people make the difference. L. Cruz Development, LLC employs people that know what it takes to be a premier construction company and who are passionate about quality, building relationships, being on time and on budget


At L. Cruz Development, LLC our commitment to safety is based on our vision to create a working environment that places the highest value on the welfare and safety of our employees and the community around our projects.  Our goal is to make safety instinctive. 


Our safety program has been designed to provide our field personnel with the means and methods to provide a safe working environment on all projects and establish a culture that holds “all employees” responsible for the safety of all workers on our sites. This philosophy was developed by the company’s ownership and upper management, and is an expectation of employment.  


L. Cruz Development, LLC is committed to providing the highest quality of education, training, and equipment. By making employees, subcontractors, and vendors, aware of potential hazards via pre-planning, hazard analysis, and ongoing hazard assessment, we improve the total performance of our company.  


Our program is designed to empower each and every one of our employees and to assign them an active role in sustaining and improving our program. All of our employees are afforded a 10 hour OSHA training course.    


We know that a safe work environment is essential to a successful project.